Documentation For The GladTeX Command Line Program

The GladTeX executable is self-documenting. You can obtain the help screen using gladtex -h or gladtex --help.

If you prefer more verbose help, it is best to read the manual page. If you run GNU/Linux, typing man gladtex should be enough. You can view the manual page online too. The manual page documents the file format and gives some examples on how to use GladTeX.

GleeTeX -- Embed formulas in your (web) application

GleeTeX is the library used by GladTeX and is written in Python. It has been designed to be useful for other applications too. Using it, you can:

There is no Sphinx-generated documentation yet, mostly due to a lack of time. However it has been taken care to document the whole source code and to explain all the important bits in comments. Each class has a __doc__ string, explaining its usage.

You are welcome to provide patches or pull requests to add sphinx support.

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